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About Me

I work as an independent consultant and contractor working primarily in SRE/DevOps Engineer or Cloud Architect roles with focus on Kubernetes, AWS, and Azure.

Besides my daily professional duties, I do technical reviews of book manuscripts and liveProject coding challenges for Manning publications. It's something I particularly enjoy because it grants me exposure to new technical topics (and I receive free books!) You can find the complete list of books and projects I've reviewed here.

I am a constant learner. Aside from reading books, I listen to many podcasts on variety of topics.

You can find few conference talks or other videos I've participated in here.

Another favorite pastime that occupies my time is running along the beautiful Rideau Canal in Ottawa.


I spent some time as a senior software engineer at Render. As part of the infrastructure team, I helped build the next generation developer cloud platform. Previously, I was a Cloud Technology Architecture Manager at Accenture. My career there spanned 8 years, where I worked on designing end-to-end enterprise architectures and implementing technology systems at clients across number of industries (federal public sector, financial services, and retail). It was a varied and incredible experience, where I’ve had opportunities to engage with and work alongside incredible coworkers and clients at all levels of seniority and diverse industry backgrounds.

I completed a Master of Science in Physics degree from University of Waterloo. While there, I worked on a Dilution refrigerator freezing materials to temperatures very slightly above absolute zero; learned all about marvelous oddity that is superfluid liquid Helium; and helped with research on qubits (quantum bits). My thesis focused on measurements of specific heat of unconventional superconductors.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree and a Bachelor of Science in Physics degree from University of New Brunswick. While in school, I performed research on a fascinating phenomenon called sonoluminescence where energy of sound is transformed into visible light!